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 A vision for the new century......ELIMINATING DOMESTIC VIOLENCE

Women’s Aid Federation Northern Ireland's Strategic Development Plan 1999-2002


Northern Ireland Women's Aid Federation is the lead voluntary organisation challenging domestic violence.  We strive to create a safe and supportive society for women, children and young people affected by domestic violence.

The creation of a safe and supportive society requires clear and consistent messages about the unacceptability of domestic violence.  The context and effect of domestic violence needs to be understood in terms of cultural attitudes, gender and power in relationships. 

Women’s Aid Federation Northern Ireland provides support and development of services and policies.  It ensures the co-ordination of policy development with a wide range of statutory and voluntary bodies through liaison, lobbying and campaigning. There are currently eleven Women's Aid Groups affiliated to Women’s Aid Federation Northern Ireland.   

This strategic plan for the next three years is structured within the framework of our key aims.  Building on 21 years experience, the plan relates to present reality and perceived future needs.  It is essential that this strategic plan be implemented in a way whereby individuals, groups and communities are enabled and supported to bring about positive change.

"The maintenance and promotion of a self-help ethos is central to the underlying principles which underpin Women’s Aid Federation  Northern Ireland development, planning and provision.”

(SSI Efficiency Scrutiny Evaluation 1996)

 Objectives and Strategic response

Key Aim 1: Educate and inform others of the social context of domestic violence, in particular, the attitudes and beliefs that perpetuate that violence.

  • Identify the needs of women, children and young people affected by domestic violence and campaign and lobby pro-actively on their behalf.

  • Challenge the attitudes and beliefs held in relation to women’s position in society which perpetuate violence in the home.

  • Maintain and develop information and publicity strategies to promote the work of Women’s Aid. 

  • Disseminate information and raise awareness on the impact of domestic violence on society.

  • Enable the development of local and regional inter-agency partnerships to progress the creation of a safe and supportive community for those affected by domestic violence.

  • Promote non-abusive relationships through preventative work.

 Key Aim 2: Support and promote the core aims of Women’s Aid

  • Respond to the identified needs of communities of interest

  • Provide information, training and resources.

  • Maintain and develop a 24 hour Helpline

  • Develop policies to promote good practice

  • Campaign and lobby to secure resources.

Key Aim 3: Encourage the promotion of a self-help ethos to achieve equitable, effective and efficient working relationships. 

  • Adhere to a code of ethics that is built upon a value base which, in practice promotes a safe working environment

  • Recognise differing skills, knowledge and experiences of all women and encourage them to use these in their working relationships.

  • Utilise available resources to enhance the effectiveness of individuals and groups working within Women’s Aid

  • Maintain and develop information, communication and decision-making systems within the organisation.

  • Encourage the use of informal support and formal management structures.

Key Aim 4: Monitor and evaluate our work to be inclusive and accountable to all communities of interest.

  • Develop monitoring systems to maintain a best quality service.

  • Maintain and develop financial management systems.

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