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We recognise self-help as a skilled process, which enables empowerment and personal development. It is necessary that all engage in the process, management committees and staff, paid and unpaid. While we seek to engage service users in a similar process.

The values and beliefs, which underpin the process, are:

  • We honour and respect individual rights and difference.

  • We believe that a nurturing and supportive environment is created by intention and behaviour.

  • We recognise that challenge is effective (i.e. promotes learning and growth) when it is not judgmental.

  • It is important to maintain boundaries, knowing these create safety.

  • Maintaining confidentiality means handling sensitive information with care, we recognise that it cannot be guaranteed in all circumstances and that confusing confidentiality with secrecy can be damaging.

  • We understand that learning is a life long process and that confidence is built through taking on new challenges when the time is right.

  • We are part of a worldwide feminist movement, which is working for a better future in which equality of opportunity, and real choice is available to all.

  • We know that putting the values and ethos into practice is the only way to convince.

  • Hard work gets results but preserving the 'fun factor' is vital to sustainability.

Out of this belief system we expect to see practice that works in solidarity with women and children who have experienced domestic violence. We foster a culture in which we listen and learn from service users, colleagues, funders and organisations with whom we interface.

We will respectfully challenge practice within Women's Aid and in other agencies when it appears to be damaging to the interests of abused women and their children either individually or collectively.

We will build these ethics into our Codes of Practice, Quality Assurance Standards etc. 




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Contact Us:  129 University Street Belfast. BT7 1HP  Tel:(028) 90 249041 Fax:(028) 90 239296  
General email: [email protected]


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