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A safety plan

Discuss a safety plan for her.  She can telephone the Women’s Aid helpline or local group for advice and support.

Here are some points she should consider: 

  • 4   Know where the nearest telephone is located.

  • 4   Know where refuge can be sought.

  • 4   Make a list of important and emergency numbers.

  • 4   Save money for bus or taxi fare.

  • 4   Have an extra set of keys to home and car.

  • 4   Pack an emergency bag - take enough clothes, including school           uniforms and children’s favourite   possessions.

  • 4   Consider when it is best to leave.  Discuss it with the children. It is important to try to leave with all the children.

  • 4   Keep important documents together e.g. benefit books, medical cards, certificates, bank books, legal orders etc.

  • 4   Keep a note of the family’s essential medicines.


 When Leaving 

  • Leave when partner is not around.

  • Take all of the children.

  • Take personal belongings.

  • Take clothing for several days.

  • Take toys.

  • Take any essential medicine.

  • Take important documents (medical cards, passports etc.).

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